Healing Homosexuality

"For many years I have secretly struggled
with my homosexuality. But all during those years God was
bringing people into my life who would eventually lead me
to freedom from my sin and to wholeness in the place of
my brokenness. The list is long; all deserve my heartfelt
gratitude, including my wife, a brother in law and several
pastor friends. I especially am grateful for the ministry
of Greater Hope and my experiences in Living Waters.

Week after week our leaders, Jeff and Wendy
Watros, led us patiently and lovingly to examine our lives.
Using the material produced by Desert Stream, we regularly
visited God’s Word, this sharp, two-edged sword that opened
up festering wounds. Led by our ministry team we met again
and again this Jesus who applied the Balm of Gilead to bring
us healing. Eventually the participants became instruments
of healing as well. I am blessed by my experiences with
these brothers and sisters.

One of the chief learnings I have received
in Living Waters is the importance of process. Forgiveness
is a process. So too is healing and deliverance from sin.
God stands ever ready to offer both forgiveness and deliverance.
Some of us just need more encouraging than others. I thank
God that he has used Jeff and Wendy Watros as well as fellow
pilgrims on the way to wholeness to bless my life."


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